Klondike Bison is the reinvention of our family beef farm, which began in 1959. After our parents passed, we thought
long and far about what we could do with these 150 acres that had not been put into use (beyond producing small
amounts of hay) since 1993.

Ultimately, the youngest of the 5 children, Peggy Ladd, began to research raising bison. Fearing the acreage was too
small, she found the National Bison Association, learned differently, and began working toward rebuilding the family
farm with the goal of raising bison, and the end goal of providing quality grass-fed and grass-FINISHED bison meat to
the greater St Louis market.

The bison began arriving in the Fall of 2019. Two years later, the processing of our “boys” began. We are now in our
3rd year of processing, and continue to improve those processes. We have a new slaughter/processing house. We
have quality alfalfa hay providers. And we continue to treat all our animals with love and respect. Yes, each animal
has a name. Each animal knows us, and trusts us (as best as a non-domesticated animal can). Our animals do not
have stress beyond the twice-annual “working of the herd” that is needed to keep bison happy and healthy. We do
things by the signs of the moon. We do not castrate the boys. They are merely moved to a “non-female” side of the farm
to live their lives in “bachelor herds”. (No girls means no fighting over the girls!)

Our decision to finish our bison on alfalfa hay is why this is the moistest and most delicious bison meat you will find. It is
simply the best you will have on your plate. And cooking bison is just as easy as cooking beef. There is one very
simple rule: hold the salt until you pull it off the heat! That will keep your burger (or steak) moist and tender…..and

We are located about 40 miles south of St. Louis, just outside DeSoto, Missouri. Yes, we do tours and are happy to
show you why our bison are the happiest bison around. You can follow all our antics on Facebook at “Klondike Bison
and Bee” (we also raise bees and sell local honey). And our website is currently up, yet not fully developed, at

Come and visit us. Until then, enjoy your burger. When ready to expand your taste buds, let us know and we can
introduce you to steaks, roasts, bone broth, etc. We think you will agree, Nice Tastes Right!